About Us

In 1989, Joseph Lanza founded Sign Design in Port Chester, NY. Later in 1991, he aquired JC Awning. Joe's professional education is in industrial design, graphics, fine arts and architecture.

In addition, his practical experience of growing up in this trade provided the groundwork for a fresh outlook on an old industry.

sign design

Manage the Design, Fabrication, Permit and Installation Process for our clients

Sometimes you don't know how to start with the process of having a perfect sign, but no worries, that is why we are here to help. From management of your sign design to permits and installation we are here for you. Our sign professionals will help you put your vision to reality. You will definitely get the highest level of service possible.

Look for their smile at the end of the project

Here at Sign Design we work with our clients through out the whole process. Our sign professionals assigned to you will surely provide you the service you need from begining to end. As tedious that process maybe you would just feel that its a breeze because we will make sure that you are at ease in every step. You will have your sign the way you envision it. Seeing a smile at end of the project is our ultimate goal and we will make sure that it will be achieved.